Pruvit KetoOS – Vblog Review -Week 2

Pruvit KetoOS – Vblog Review -Week 2

Well welcome back to our Keto OS review Week 2.

Day 8

Today I was having the day off no gym no walks, no Keto OS. I had been intermittently fasting all day barring 2 mct and cream coffees.

Though I would try my blood and just see what it was, well interesting to say the least… to my amazement my highest reading ever 3.8! Wow Wow Wow…. Hold it a minute… I didn’t have any Keto OS? WTF

Tomorrow I will add a mct Coffee to the mix in the mornings and see if that is whats helping?

Day 9

Week 2 Update…

I have gotten pretty sick with the flu so I wont waste time trying to test until I am better hopefully later next week. I have got about a week and a bit left of the product so should be interesting to see if we get similar results as the first 9 days.

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  1. What happened to the rest of your test?

    1. Hey Joe got sick with a flu and had to pause the test, picked it up again after and had much the same results, if I basically fasted for 16 to 18 hours each day and uses it I got into ketosis, the numbers varies but nothing higher than 2. The reality is if I fasted and ate the same on a high fat low carb diet ( which I do) I get very similar results, so my advice is go natural and eat food over lab made powders. It gave me increased energy for a few days but that faded, adding mct oil to coffees is better for energy and cheaper, or get a well made pre work out if you need something stronger. The product makes a lot of claims and honestly over 60 days of use I found not major weight loss or benefits that would make me pay the price they are charging for this product. Eat low carb high fat, lift weights and walk and you will have better results.

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