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Try our Delicious Keto Fat Ass Foods

The Keto diet seems to be everywhere these days. When we started it was not very popular, with most people & doctors looking at you like you had lost your mind.

Its been close to 4 years and our house hold has run on a pure ketogenic diet or a very high fat low carb system.

We have found the best keto recipes there is on the web as well as a few unique recipes we have come up with ourselves.

We hope you find our effort helpful, and we will continue to create the most tasty hassle free keto recipes you can find.

Breakfast & Brunch

Waking up has never been so good as when you’re on the ketogenic diet and we have a glorious selection of delicious recipes. Whether it’s a quick Bulletproof coffee to get you up and out the door, or quick grab and go on your way out to work, or a time to relax and get the butter out we have you covered. 

keto chicken and eggs salad

LUNCHES & Snacks

For us keto lunches need to be quick and easily transportable.  When we first started keto we couldn’t find anything simple, it was a lot of cooking and honestly not easy for traveling with work. Here are some easy low prep time foods that will make it easier than ever for you to commit to your healthy eating goals.

Dinners & Deserts

Dinner has always been an “event” in our household.  We  liked food on our plates packed with flavour.  The Keto diet shouldn’t be intimidating, we have gathered easy to prepare awesome keto meals, there are so many options that cater to everyone’s taste.  The best part is any leftovers you can easily freeze for another night or use for  tomorrows lunch! 

Drinks & Shakes

Enjoy keto friendly beverages. We have the best list fat keto coffees, green shakes for your vitamins,  pre & post workout keto friendly protein fat shakes. As well as some very low cal refreshing spritzers as well as the good old bone broths gut health.