Welcome to our KetoClan Blog Page. Myself Christina, my husband Stefan as well as my friend Emma have been on a ketogenic diet since January 2015 and together have lost a whopping 44.9kg between us, with no more than an hour and a half of weekly exercise.  

My husband has all but reversed his type 2 diabetes, to the point he has all but stopped his medication now, prior to this he was told would have to increase it or even worse go on insulin injections. 

We have found it so rewarding that we are adding meals and hacks and anything we have found useful to help others in their low carb high fat lifestyle change to get off the sugar and start burning fat, by eating fat! 

So with the help of my hubby, Emma & my father in law Jean Michael(a french chef) we hope to have many more meals coming soon that not only taste awesome but also keep you in a fat burning state.

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  1. I am really happy I found your blog. My boyfriend and I just started a ketogenic diet and I can’t wait to see more recipes from you! (My blog recipes will change soon, too).

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