Keto Clan ‘Ham and Cheese Mini Quiche’

Keto Clan ‘Ham and Cheese Mini Quiche’ We are always looking for fast and easy meals, cooking up a batch of these on the weekend makes the week ahead a lot easier!  Hubby can heat one up in the morning with a coffee then head off to work.  I can heat one up quickly when […]

Keto Clan ‘ Bacon and Egg Pie’

Keto Clan ‘Bacon and Egg Pie’ As you can probably tell by now I have quite a few recipes with eggs, this is honestly because it is so easy to just throw together whatever left over ingredients I have into a quiche or pie.  It’s great for freezing and re heating for breakfasts on the […]

How to make perfect Boiled eggs every time!

Boiled Eggs Boiled eggs are such a great staple to have in the fridge for snacks, my husband boils these up at the start of the week and takes them to work.  I thought I would share how I cook my eggs as I always get asked why my eggs don’t get the green/black rings […]