Keto Clans ‘Lemon Butter Chicken Drumsticks’

Keto Clans ‘Lemon Butter Chicken Drumsticks’

Lemon Butter Chicken Drumstick

Keto Clans ‘Lemon Butter Chicken Drumsticks’

This is a go to dinner dish for our family it’s fast, easy and if my daughter and husband don’t eat all the drumsticks it’s perfect for lunches the next day.  You can either eat the drumsticks as is or take the chicken off the bone and toss it through a salad!

Nutritional Information – Calories 467 ( 5 Servings)

Total Fat 24 g

            Saturated Fat 10 g

            Monounsaturated Fat 5 g

            Polyunsaturated Fat 3 g

Cholesterol 178 mg

Sodium 249 mg

Potassium 491 mg

Total Carbohydrate 0 g

Protein 58 g


  • 10 Chicken Drumsticks
  • 20 ml Lemon Juice (freshly squeezed)
  • 60 g Organic Butter
  • Salt & pepper


Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

  1. Add your butter to a frying pan and let it melt
  2. Add your drumsticks to the frying pan sprinkle with salt and pepper and sear the chicken.
  3. Once your drumsticks are seared pour over the lemon juice.
  4. Place the drumsticks into an oven safe dish, then drizzle the remaining juice from the frying pan over the drumsticks.  Depending on how many drumsticks you are cooking you may have to divide the chicken into batches.  If that is the case just divide the butter and lemon so you have enough to use for both batches.
  5. Place in the oven and cook for 30-40mins on 180 Degrees, timing will honesty depend on how large your drumsticks are, so just check them at the 30 minute mark.
  6. Serve with your favorite side dish.

Lemon Butter Chicken Drumstick

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  1. seems simple and yummy enough. Do you not add salt and pepper though?

    1. It honestly is so simply, great for when you don’t have a lot of time. Thank you so much for mentioning that, I will go and edit the post. Yes I usually give a good sprinkle of salt and pepper before I sear the drumsticks 🙂

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