Keto on Reddit:

Reddit Keto -Main place on Reddit for Keto related information, checkout the FAQ section.

Reddit Ketogains – This is for everything related to strength training while on a keto diet.

Reddit Ketoscience – For all the science and papers related to the diet

Reddit Keto Recipes – Great place for recipes

Reddit Vegetarian Keto – If you are doing keto and don’t like the meat!

Ketogenic Macro Calculators:

Ketogains Calculator – Best for macro’s while strength training

Ketogains Spreadsheet Calculator – Has everything you need for training and 5×5 workouts.

Keto Calculator – We started tracking with this calculator, use the ketogains now. But still very good.

Ruled.Me Keto Calculator – Another Good Calculator

Keto Diet Buddy Calculator – Another Good Calculator

Ketogenic / Low Carb Blogs:

Diabetes Warrior – Great resource for those battling to overcome diabetes without medication.

Livin Lavida Lowcarb – Jimmy Moores page and blog – Lots of relevant information.

The Diet Doctor – Great resource, now with a paid members section.

Ruled.Me – Good all round information, also has a members section

Keto Diet App Blog – Great all round resource, good forums.

the Ketogenic – Good resource

Ketogenic Diet Resource – Good resource

Wicked Stuff – Great Blog and Food

The Nourished Caveman – Great blog

Keto Warrior – Inspiring transformation, gives you a day by day on how keto changes even the largest people.

Ketogenic Dieting FAQ  – Keto Page

Ketogenic, Paleo & Low Carb Recipes:

The Man Can Cook –

Keto Diet App –

All Day I Dream About Food

I Breath I’m Hungry

Nom Nom Paleo

Ditch the Carbs

Edify Food Community

Caveman Keto

My Dream Shape

Eat Keto

The Low Carb Diet

Low Carb Yum

No Bun Please

Low Carb Foodlist

Keto Genial

The Paleo Mom

Low Carb Genesis

Ketogenic /Low Carb YouTube Channels:

The Keto Show – Cooking related

The Diet Doctor –  Great Interviews

Keto Gains – Shows you how to lift

Primal Edge Health – Good interviews with keto/lowcarb related guests

Fat Adapted Athlete

Jimmy Moore – ‘Nutritional Ketosis’

Ketogenic Paid Resources:

Ketosis Tools Store– Australian Store for all things Keto

Ruled.Me – Lots of recipe books and great content

Keto Diet App – Great app for the ipad and iphone

Medical and Science:

Dr Jay Wortman

Exercise Resources & Apps:

Strong Lifts – Great App with Videos and information on 5×5 strong lifts

My Fitness Pal – I use this for logging everything from macro’s to steps and workouts with my garmin connect.

Strong APP – Great App for logging workouts and routines for weight training.

Map My Fitness – Used this when I started walking, I have since bought a garmin vivosmart with heartrate monitor for logging exercise.

Garmin Connect – Great for logging all my workouts – vivosmart and heartrate monitor.