Best Keto Pizza Recipe – Fathead Pizza

How to make the best Keto Pizza or Fathead Pizza base. One of the things that we really missed when starting the ketogenic diet was Pizza. After a lot of failed attempts at making different versions of the Fathead pizza base we came across and tweaked this one ourselves.

Keto Clan’s ‘Mushroom Sauce’

As nice as it is eating your steak and veggies covered in butter, sometimes it is good for a slight change.  Adding a mushroom sauce is like magic when you’re getting a little bored with your meals.

The Keto Clan’s (Turkey Meatball Soup)

I actually came across this recipe from so all credit goes there. (I changed a couple of things just to make it keto friendly) It is such a fantastic soup! I’m in love with it.  The meatballs just melt in your mouth and it is so filling and the best part is you can […]

Keto Clan’s ‘Vegetables with Cheese sauce’

Looking for a side dish to go with tonight’s dinner?  This is a very quick dish that is so versatile and can be used to go along with anything.  It only takes about 10 minutes to cook and is delicious!  Usually we will add other vegetables such as green beans and zucchini, but honestly, it […]

Keto Clan’s ‘ Beef taco’s’

Keto Clan’s ‘Beef Taco’ Tacos who doesn’t love tacos! I sure do.  Sadly the taco seasoning packets you can buy at the supermarket have way to many carbs and additives in them so I have been playing around for awhile with different spices.  Now I have failed miserably on most of my attempts as I […]

Keto Clans ‘ Chicken & Egg Salad’

Keto Clan ‘Chicken & Egg Salad’ This is one of our favorite go to salads, perfect for packing for work lunches, or to have made up in the fridge ready to server, also great for when you have guests around, add a bit of caesar dressing and they will love it. Nutritional Information – Calories 442 (1 […]

Keto Clans ‘Lemon Butter Chicken Drumsticks’

Keto Clans ‘Lemon Butter Chicken Drumsticks’ This is a go to dinner dish for our family it’s fast, easy and if my daughter and husband don’t eat all the drumsticks it’s perfect for lunches the next day.  You can either eat the drumsticks as is or take the chicken off the bone and toss it […]

Keto Clan ‘Ham and Cheese Mini Quiche’

Keto Clan ‘Ham and Cheese Mini Quiche’ We are always looking for fast and easy meals, cooking up a batch of these on the weekend makes the week ahead a lot easier!  Hubby can heat one up in the morning with a coffee then head off to work.  I can heat one up quickly when […]

Keto Clan ‘ Bacon and Egg Pie’

Keto Clan ‘Bacon and Egg Pie’ As you can probably tell by now I have quite a few recipes with eggs, this is honestly because it is so easy to just throw together whatever left over ingredients I have into a quiche or pie.  It’s great for freezing and re heating for breakfasts on the […]