The Dreaded Keto Plateau

The Dreaded Keto Plateau

Keto Plateau

My name is Stefan, and I’ve hit a weight loss plateau. I have been hoping it wasn’t true, and been in denial about it. But its time to admit I need to put in more effort in, if I want to continue getting results out of this life style change.

To be honest I have had it pretty easy up until now.  I simply changed my diet to a ketogenic one and magically I lost 17kgs, lost 2 pants sizes, even stopped walking 50kms a week, and still my fat burning machine slowly but surely burnt away my fat. But this has ended sadly …  and I have not budged in weeks.

So some background

  • I have been remaining at a constant 99.8 kg  to 100.8 kg now for 3 months, I drop to 98.8 kg for one brief day.
  • Now my bloods (I’m a Type 2 Diabetic) have remained at between 5 & 6.7 mmol/L with 1000mg of diabex.
  • My ketones are consistently between 0.5 to 2.0
  • I have tried to carb up twice in the last month to try and kick the weight loss back in. Now I didn’t go crazy mind you, I ate some chocolate and some lamb & cous cous salads, had a hot chocolate drink and some white bread and about 4 hot chips as my wife was having a burger and chips . All up think it was about 230g of carbs, as opposed to my normal 20g, all in all not that much.

What happened next?

Ok this is the bit I wasn’t expecting, I came home from the restaurant and the chocolatiers that night and thought I best I track my blood sugar. Now it was 3 hours after eating and it was 5 mmol/L… odd. Woke the next morning tested again 5.4 mmol/L. I was kind of expecting this to rise due to the amount of sugar I had ingested the night before. Anyway I got back to my normal eating on keto.

Fast forward 4 days and my blood sugar is now hitting 8.8 mmol/L and rising this is the highest its been in 7 months and I have bloated out and I have put on 4kgs of weight. So…. for the first time in 7 months I felt that horrible tug of desperation an unsettling undercurrent of worry… I pulled myself up today when a wave of depression washed over me and though, stuff this for a joke I’m not going back up in weight again.

So what’s causing it?

I have broken it down to this list of potentials causes that might be effecting my weight stall.

  1. I have not been eating whole foods as much as when I started
  2. I consume cream and sometimes small amounts of milk with my keto coffees
  3. I snack on Aitkin’s bars on occasions.
  4. I eat way to many of the Protein/fat bombs which have a lot of nuts in them. (we have not published this recipe as we thought it might be causing my results) If I find out this is not the case I will publish it as they taste soooo good Smile
  5. I have stopped my cardio exercise, I walked for at least an hour before breakfast every morning so I was hitting 10000 steps before I even started my day.
  6. I stopped any resistance workouts… to be honest I never really took to the weights.
  7. I also have noticed my food logging has not been as precise as it once was, I need to get back into logging every meal as accurately as possible.

So what now?

So now I am going to do a 4 week re-adaption so to speak… re adaption might be the wrong term as I am still in ketosis, as I’m still 0.5 or higher when I test my blood. Maybe a return to basics, I have been using a lot of Keto coffees and Fat/protein bombs to get me through the day, up until dinner where I have most of my actual real food. So here’s all the areas I think I need to look at before I start.

  • Return to the basics –  on everything
  • bacon and eggs as my starter for breakfast
  • chicken, egg, avocado  & salad for lunch
  • protein and veg for dinner with a cream/cheesy sauce.
  • Limit my keto coffee to butter and mct oil once a day. If I don’t need this for energy I will be skipping it although.
  • Start walking at least 5 days a week.
  • Start doing at least 30 mins of resistance work 3 times a week.
  • increase my water in take

I will track this with before and after photos and chart my blood sugar and ketones. I’ll see what works and what doesn’t. Lets see if I can break the 99kg again and maybe get to 95 by the end of week 4 if I’m lucky.



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